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Klobenstein, February 17, 2024 - The ninth European Pond Hockey Championship on the ice rink in the Ritten Arena in Klobenstein went to the team Veterans. The team, which is made up of players from Ritten's ice hockey history, beat the Lappen of Lapland 8:2 in the final.
Both finalists - the team Veterans and the team Lappen of Lapland - had to get past one of the previous year's finalists at least once on their way to the final. The team Veterans defeated AVESTRA 12:7 in the semi-final. AVESTRA is the name of this year's "Huskies" led by team manager Roland Ramoser, who responded to the absence of his German followers this year by adding ex-HCB captain Anton Bernard and the sports director of HC Pustertal, Patrick Bona. The Finnish-Italian team, Lappen from Lapland, faced the Czech "Unstoppables" in the quarter-finals, who lost to the "Huskies" in the finals a year ago.

European Pond Hockey Championship Klobenstein/Ritten:
The Veterans - Eppan Selection 11:2
Pond James Pond - AVESTRA 2:5
Waperols - Baufirma Ploner 3:4
Unstoppables - The Lappen of Lapland 1:3
The Veterans - AVESTRA 12:7
Baufirma Ploner - The Lappen of Lapland 2:6
The Veterans - The Lappen of Lapland 8:2

The skills competition was once again particularly popular, and no wonder: the main prize was once again a brand new Vespa. This was won by Matthias Fauster from the team Baufirma Ploner, who scored the most points in the skills competition.
New this year was the team competition, in which the whole team could compete and take home various prizes.
The children's tournament took place for the first time on Friday and Saturday. Six teams from Alta Badia, Meran, Kaltern, Bozen, Neumarkt and Eppan, and of course the youth teams of the Ritten Buam SkyAlps participated in the tournament. A varied supporting program was also offered to the young athletes and to the visitors.
For the love of the gameFor the love of the gameIn the cold winter country of Canada, since the beginning of time, every frozen-over lake or pond has had to serve  for a game of ice hockey. And this is where and how pond hockey was born. It requires little equipment, because technically all you need is a stick and a pair of skates. But, it demands and promises a whole lot of fun! Pond hockey is all about the true nature and essence of hockey. Checks and slap shots are prohibited. Players need to be good skaters and skilled stickhandlers. So, it’s pure, innocent hockey! You gotta love it!
Back to the rootsBack to the rootsIn Ritten, people have chased a puck across the ice ever since the early 20th century. Every year, when wintertime came round, hockey buffs would come together at the pond Wolfsgrubner See. In 1928, one of Italy’s first professional ice hockey teams was founded.
Soon the lake was not enough anymore, so after WWII Ritten built its first ice hockey rink. Today, hockey players and lovers can play or watch their favorite sport at three locations: the ice rink in Oberbozen, the pond in Wolfsgruben, the Ice Rink and Arena Ritten in Klobenstein. And as soon as those temperatures fall below freezing, hockey players sharpen their skates, tape their sticks and hit the ice. 
A winter’s dreamA winter’s dreamWhen winter settles in Ritten, everyone gets excited. It’s the season of glistening snow landscapes, enhanced by the breathtaking 360° view of South Tyrol’s snow covered peaks, and of all kinds of winter sports. The local ski resort Rittner Horn offers winter joys to everyone, whether they love skiing, cross-country, sledding or hiking. The rinks and the Wolfsgrubner See pond guarantee lots of fun on ice for all ages, and local inns and restaurants will pamper the taste buds with delicious hearty and warm dishes.
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